CruiseControl seamlessly connects your crew to learning content and increases the management’s reach across their fleet in an easy to manage and easy to use learning platform.

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Manage every aspect of a crewmember in one platform

How to start with us

These are the three steps you will need to start using our system. Start a new trip on the sea with CruiseControl.

Request a Demo and Book a Meeting01

There will be a live system demo and discussion of the process for getting background information on the business problems and adjust the system to your business needs.

  • A quick overview of the main features
  • Get business requirements
  • One contact for a big solution

Fit the System for your Needs02

Establish the API's connection with the company systems, include your company branding, and train your systems administrators. Then, your shore-side team will then be able to setup all templates, courses, workflows and rules to be used in the system.

  • Customize your branding
  • Import initial data
  • Prepare settings and templates

Start Managing and Training your Crew!03

A simple and painless installation onboard and shore-side and you are ready to start the crew training!

Platform will also be accessible to crew not onboard but you can restrict their access to certain actions or sections of the system.

  • No internet needed for daily usages
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android.
  • Get insights about yours processes

We deliver the best services for app design and coding

Do the onboard users require internet?
No. The onboard users are connected to the ships local server which has the application installed. The server gets updated periodically using internet but the onboard users will not require internet to watch videos, take courses, view their profile etc.
Is CruiseControl GDRP compliant?
Yes, CruiseControl is GDPR compliant. We take pride and care in the privacy and security of your employees data. Also, we use special encryption algorithms for additional security and validation.
How do the crewmembers access the platform?
Crewmembers when onboard can access the platform on their mobile device or on any computers onboard connected to the local network. Crewmembers on shore can access the website on any desktop or tablet and can access the mobile app on their phone using internet.
What type of courses can employees take?
The platform supports various types of content. Our course builder supports video and images (including 360o VR videos), slide shows, SCORM, PDF, quizzes and links to external learning material. Also, managers can schedule in-person trainings (non-computer based trainings) and record the attendance and scoring in the system.

Actually Why We Are

CruiseControl will provide a global service based on the following features.

Offline Mode

Users onboard the ship do not require internet connection which reduces costs and ship bandwidth usage.


eSignatures are used to sign all types of documents and paperwork. Signing a document only takes a few minutes.


Template builder and eSignature removes need to print and scan any paper. Going paperless is a big tick for the environment.

Responsive Design

Our website changes the layout to offer an experience based on the device being used, especially ideal for mobile viewing.


Automates crucial human resources management functions, such as employee management, compensation and benefits.


Select specific triggers to execute actions defined within the processes. You can create execution frequencies.

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Time & Attendance
Crew Chat

Always thinking of the future, come soon

Our team continually works to update and improve CruiseControl, but also to create new modules that optimize the processes of your organization. Under the guidance of the best leaders in this sector we can advance that we will soon be able to release some of these features.

  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Schedule by skillset
  • Manage Location
  • Offline communication
  • Monitor attendance
  • Monitor breaks
  • Manage fatigue
  • Manage overtime
  • Report Designer
  • Audit Reporting
  • Online Payroll
  • Intelligent Automation

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An LMS helps you organize your online learning, reduces the time you need to create courses and distribute them on the Internet.

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Why do people love us?

Don't take our word for it. Our clients say it best.

Now we know our employees better and can guide them from one position to another. We all work focused on our strengths.

Quick and effective solutions. The team is excellent and they are always available to help. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Pleasant and comfortable to work with, it has enabled us to train our employees. Maintaining our learning flow while offline has been decisive.

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